Monday, March 15, 2010

My "Pikachu Colored" Pichu from WiFi Event

This is the first worldwide WiFi Event Pokemon I got for my Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I got this last March 7 while enjoying free WiFi connection and a regular size Choco Frappe @ Cafe Bob's in SM City. I got pictures of it but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of its Wonder Card.

This Pichu has an alternative color (normal Pichu is yellow, this one is orange-golden yellow..and it sparkles everytime it comes out of its Pokeball). It is on Level 30 with a Everstone hold item, which prevents it from evolving. It's captured using a Cherish Ball (a rare Pokeball used for special occasion, in this situation, it contains an event Pokemon) and has a Classic ribbon (ribbon for event Pokemon, which prevents it from being traded to other trainers, defined as a ribbon that proclaims love to a Pokemon) attached with it. It also has Pikachu's signature move, Volt Tackle.

Also shown here is my Trainer Card in Pearl Version. yes it's still blue..the lowest rank..since I don't have much access with WiFi events for getting higher cards for the game..maybe soon.

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