Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confirmed: Charice on Glee

Charice always has big surprises to us Filipinos. After being a huge hit in Youtube and making a big name in the US (after appearing in Oprah and Ellen's show), the young Billboard chart topper will join the cast of the 2nd season of Fox's multi-awarded musical comedy series GLEE. Earlier this year, she denied rumors through her twitter that she will join the cast but later on tried to audition and made it to the show. She will play as an foreign exchange student who became Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) rival. Looks like a big competition to me...considering Charice's big voice and high hitting notes vs. Lea Michele big voice too accompanied with big self-centered ego =p

The internet today has this as a big headline for the entertainment world. Of course, there were several mixed reactions to this event. Sad to say but most Filipinos like Charice often gave the negative reactions. Can't we just get rid of our crab mentality? In my part, I never criticized my fellow Filipinos just because they will be in the big scene while I'm not. People often comment that she will not be a good actress, that she is awkward to look or she will look just like a "yaya" or "Kokey" once she joins the Glee cast. Well, Glee is a series solely focused on the individual's talents and not the looks. And when it comes to talent, Charice's powerful voice is the one to beat compared to the main cast as of the moment. With acting, everyone can learn it. We might be surprised, since she will train and have acting workshops in Hollywood, she might become better than our local actors and actresses here in the Philippines. We just have to see it first before we judge her.

I never took GLEE seriously before, in terms of continuously watching during Wednesday nights on Star World. But the songs and covers from pop songs to broadway musicals are simply amazing, I even had copies of them on my phone to listen everyday and eventually having last song syndromes by the end of the day . Now with Charice as part of the crew, it came to my attention that I should be religiously watching the next season. Not only that I am Filipino and proud of her talent, I also like her voice.

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