Monday, June 14, 2010

New Region revealed in the Pokemon World

Another Corocoro scan in Bulbapedia website and This is the first overview of the new region called Isshu in the Pokemon World, the setting for the upcoming games Pokemon Black and White. Also, additional information were released for Reshiram and Zekrom, Zorua and Zoruark, and some new features in the game.

This is Isshu, much nicer in graphics and i do hope they will include this in the game. Isshu is seemed to be pattern with the Middle East location. Cities and countries near a dessert and separated by bodies of water. The city in the bottom middle portion is Huin City, which also resembles Dubai.

Here are also some additional information about Pokemons and the new features,

* Reshiram is a Dragon & Fire-type type. It is the White Yang Pokémon It is 3.2m and 330kg. It has the new TurboBlaze (ターボブレイズ) Ability

* Zekrom is an Dragon & Electric-type as predicted.. It is the Black Yin Pokémon. It is 2.9m and 345kg. It has the Terra Voltage (テラボルテージ) ability

**To get Zorua, you will need to send over the Celebi from the upcoming movie to Black & White. It is obtained at Level 10

**Zorua knows the attacks Leer, Scratch, Pursuit & Fake Tears **Zoroark knows Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Scary Face, Taunt and a new attack; Night Burst (ナイトバ-スト)

**There is a new feature called the C Cog which allows you to play with various connection capabilites. To what end is not known, but there is a screenshot of the player in the Pokémon Centre with various connection stats at the bottom.

**In this game Global Terminal is now called "Random Match". It just says that you can play freely with people from all over the country in random match mode. Then says that in spring 2011 that foreign players will join. The Global Terminal is now also located in the Pokémon Centres.

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