Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Z-i-V Summer contest 2010

Zenius-i-Vanisher is a music gaming news site which I am active from time to time because it gives me updates and news about dance simulation games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up and any other music simulation games. It is also an online forums for players around the world for game discussions, simfile creations and chit-chats for anything and everything under the sun.

Last May 3rd, the website (c/o user Pandemonium X) started a project called Z-i-V (short for Zenius-I-vanisher) Summer contest 2010 which will showcase user's skills to create DDR simfiles from songs which were not included in the main DDR series. This will allow players to express their simfile making skills to showcase the songs they like to be included in the main game. Every week, there will be a category which simfile makers will follow as a criteria. this week was licenses category, which will allow us to create simfiles from licensed songs from famous artist all over the world. I happened to be a simfile maker myself for quite some time (almost 3 years now). I actually have created a total of 70 songs already which I also published on that website for users to download. For this contest, I decided to pass one of my better stepped files. And this song is one of those songs that became really famous during the Korean Pop invasion, even made it to the top 10 of last year's year ender countdown in MYX.

Here's the banner and background I submitted for Sorry Sorry by Super Junior.

Update: The simfile won 1st place for the week..hehe i guess I never knew I was good in synching steps with songs =)

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