Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pilipinas definitely Got Talent

Last night was the grand finals of the "biggest" reality talent show in the country, Pilipinas Got Talent. As a franchise of the world's famous Got Talent series, ABS-CBN never fails to reach the expectations of the public when it comes to showcasing a great and entertaining finale for their shows. The grand finals was held in Araneta Coliseum and took place for 3 hours, considering there were 12 contenders for the P12 Million grand prize. I will be giving my personal review of last night shows and how I ranked the performances of the night. These are just my OWN opinions on the contestants.

The night started off with an opening dance number from one of the judges. It was Ai Ai de las Alas which sang a medley of Lady Gaga's hits (Bad Romance, Just Dance and Telephone). Next u was the one-by-one performances of the finalists. The photos below are already in order of my top 1 to top 12 contenders

The Top 12 Finalists

Jovit Baldivino
Big things come in small packages. And this statement is proven by this young BatangueƱo. This 16 year siomai vendor amazed us during his auditions with "Faithfully" by Journey and gave a powerful rendition of "Carrie" by Europe in the semi-finals. Last night, he performed "Too Much Love Can Kill You" by Queen. And what do you know, he did hit it again. What I like about this guy is he's very humble despite the fact that he already set the record of the most watched contestant in Youtube during his auditions in Batangas. Last night, I can say I am already a JOVINATIC (term used for someone who is a Jovit fan). Kris Aquino is somehow true, that he will be the next big superstar.

Velasco Brothers
Breakdance, Hiphop, Acrobatic stunts. These 4 brothers always have the factor to wow the audience with their moves. They already performed outside the country before but chose to go back home to showcase their talents in PGT. And they have a positive response from the people. Last night's performance was a combination of all their moves from the auditions and semifinals. They were Ai-ai's choice for the prize..but it still depends on the people who will vote. I chose them as my second choice since I am also into dancing. And I really like their performance..astg!

Allan "Alakim" de la Paz
The butterfly magician performed first during the grand finale. He did his usual turning of things into butterfly..but what everyone wasn't expecting for the night was when he disappeared on stage, and appeared afar from it...In the middle of the audience on the upper bench of Araneta Coliseum. It was indeed a great way to start the night and to keep the audience on hype. Even I was shocked and amazed with his magic act. He said that he wished people will not forget him even he did perform first. Well, that act was surely worth remembering.

Baguio Metamorphosis
The biggest group to join in this finale is a dance troupe. Provided one week of preparations, it was just sad that they were not able to create a new routine for the finale. But the energy, synchronicity and choreography still amazes me. One of their advantages as a group is that they work as a team. Even if it was the same routine as their semi-finals performance, you will never fail to stick your eyes on your TV screen just to watch the dance.

Maria Jeline Oliva
The youngest performer of the season is not just a violinist. She is also a drummer and a pianist at the same time. What made her performance outstanding is that she used "Flight of the Bumblebee" as her contest piece incorporating her violin, piano and drum skills in one song. This is one of the hardest songs/classic songs to perform and she did it. At a young age, I'm sure she's gonna go a long way.

Luntayao Family
The only contender from Visayas which also came from my province. These family is a power house of sopranos and tenors. They sang "Listen" by Beyonce during the auditions and semi-finals and "The Impossible Dream" last night. I find the young one named Charle a funny but amazing kid. He used to sit down the stage to hit the notes and last night, he did turn around and jumped just to reached the last high note of the song. Such a cute kid.

The acoustic band from Davao performed "Runaway" by The Corrs last night. It was a good performance, considering it was Kaye's (vocalist) first ever rendition of a girl song, and she hit it. Nor (keyboardist) who has impairment in the hands (deformed fingers) was amazing since it shows to prove that disabilities could not stop us from reaching our dreams. As Kris said, a keyboardist is one of the vital members of a band..and Nor did a great job despite of his condition. Ai-ai's comment "Kahit hindi pwede banggitin ang pangalan mo Nor (Knorr) kasi Maggi kami.." made me laugh. Ai-ai and Kris are endorsers for Maggi and Knorr is their competitor. Rules in advertising 101 hehehe.

Rupert Urquia and Titoy
The only ventriloquist who had made it in the finals gave us a good laugh of the night. i really find this kinds of people amazing since only a few can perform such skill with perfection. He also brought along Lolo (another doll) with him. Overall performance was entertaining.

Sherwin Baguion
I never liked this guy during the semi-finals. He was the one who got the judge's vote despite the fact that he screwed up during his repeat performance during the results night. But he stood up last night as one of those who myou can consider a perfect balladeer. He never did miss a note however he sang the same song he had during audition which is "Tayong Dalawa". He could have chosen another ballad song.

Markki Stroem
This guy sang "Like a Prayer" by Madonna accompanied by a choir and also performed the song using a saxophone. He has the voice but when the choir sang along with him, his voice was swallowed by the group. The song choice was great, a very good song for his voice which also reminded me of Glee's version. It's one of my favorite classic songs to date.

Keith Clark Delleva
This guy is sure a rocker. But I just wished he did not sing last night. It was one of the downs of his performance. He has a good voice but a very low pitch for Santana's "Smooth. He's guitar playing however is awesome. I think the judges did not comment much on his singing since it was the finale and they wanted to set the mood right. But as judge's they should have advised him of that one.

Ingrid Payaket
I chose this as the weakest performance of the night. It was not that bad but compared to other contenders, this has much less of the highlights we are expecting from her. She sang "On my Own" by Leah Salonga and it was just an ok performance. It was a good one if it were in a singing contest but for Pilipinas got talent, it was just a simple performance. And before her performance, during the interview of Luis and Billy with her mom, something funny happened. When asked what does she feel about her daughter getting the last ticket for the finale, Ingrid's mom was taken aback, took a moment of pause to comprehend the question and asked back "Yung ticket po na nakuha namin?" which is definitely not the answer to the question. It took a few more seconds before she was back on track with the conversation. LOL!

The first season is about to end and the winner will be announced later tonight. Who will win the first Pilipinas Got Talent title? Let's wait and see..

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