Friday, June 11, 2010

Update: 5th Generation additional Pokemon scans

Man, they look awkward now. It seems the illustrators for Pokemon are not getting new and fresh ideas. The new Pokemon are not that awesome for me except for a few. Here are some of my opinions on the new released monsters. Photos courtesy of CoroCoro Scans and Text and all other information is from too. Names are in Japanese, English names not yet released.

Chimaii (チラーミィ) - The Chinchilla PoKemon
Type: Normal
Height: 0.4m Weight: 5.8kg
Abilities: Cute Charm & Technician
New Moves: Sweet Slap - multiple turn attacks

Munna (ムン ナ) - The Dream Eater Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Height: 0.6m
Weight: 23.3kg
Abilities: Forewarn & Synchronize
New Moves: Telekinesis - makes the opponent float in the air

Gear (ギアル) - The Gear Pokémon
Type: Steel
0.3m Weight: 21.0kg
Abilities: Plus & Minus

New Moves: Gear saucer - multiple turn attack

Mamepato (マメパト) - The Baby Pigeon Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Height: 0.3m Weight: 2.1kg
Abilities: Super Luck and *Pigeon Heart
- new, prevent Defense stat from lowering

Hihidaruma (ヒヒダルマ) - The Flaming Pokémon
Type: Fire
1.3m Weight:92.9kg

Meguroko (メグロコ) - The Desert Crocodile
Type: Ground/Dark
0.7m Weight: 15.2kg
Intimidate & *Earthquake Spiral - raises Attack when opponent is Knocked Out

Shimama (シママ)- - The Charge Pokémon
Type: Electric
Height: 0.8m Weight: 92.9kg
Abilities: Lightning Rod & Motor Drive
New Moves: Wild Bolt - Electric attack with recoil

** The new Professor Dr. Araragi (アララギ博士 ) has a Chiramii

These are yet to be confirmed but with all these information, i guess this would surely push through. Pokemon is starting to turn out from being great to slowly declining. I can tell since I am definitely a fan. But then, it's still Pokemon. I still love them ^_^ I personally like Chimaii and Gear from this list when it comes to appearance.


  1. None of those Pokemon show any promise, save the fire one. I'm disappointed.

  2. Pokemon are always into cuteness..not like Digimon or any other Monster series..but we can't judge it until we have the game..the interface is 3d..and I watched it on's cool

  3. Damnit, I hope I don't have to buy the 3DS

  4. i do hope so too..since this a 3d game..i how this will work with DSi or Lite