Thursday, June 3, 2010

Movie Review: Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time

I have been waiting for this film for a long time since the trailer was released in the Internet and on TV. I had played Prince of Persia before on Playstation, so it's quite interesting to see full action on the reel. Watched it last Sunday after we went home from out Hinoba-an getaway. Here are my own opinions and feedback on the film.

Director: Mike Newell, the man behind Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, directed this film. Well, I say he did a great job. HP4 is my all time favorite movie among the the 6 sequels of Harry Potter (well, so far..let's see how Deathly Hollows would beat its predecessors).

Characters: It was never too racy for me. Color or race is not an issue on this film. Even if Jake Gyllenhaal is not Persian, and has no Persian blood at all, he did justice on the character. Dastan is the combination of your brave, funny and witty character. And Gyllenhall has that acting prowess. It's kinda funny I still remember him on Brokeback Mountain though..hehe quite a laugh. Tamina is played by Gemma Artenton. She is quite a good actress herself..just like her role in Clash of the Titans as Io. She's me starstruck! Other characters such as Tus (played by Richard Cole), Sheik Amar, the one who runs the ostrich racing business..and funny one too (played by Alfred Molina FYI he is Doc Oct in Spiderman 2), Garsiv, his envious brother (played by Toby Kebell), and Nizam, the antagonist uncle (Ben Kingley) did a great job too.

Setting: The setting (even if it is, of course, with Adobe After Effects, is outstanding. It reminds me of Arabia from Aladdin which features terrific temples and crowded streets of merchants. The special effects are also believable..the fight scenes, the desert, the mountains are all real-looking. Thanks to the wonders of Adobe hehehe.

If I am going to rate the movie with 5 stars as the highest rating, I give it 4.5. It is almost perfect. Nothing is perfect so I won't give it a 5 hehehe. I never regret watching the film. it is a must see.


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  2. Hmmm brokeback mountain... lol

  3. @jepoi: it's still brokeback everytime I see Jake hehehe

  4. Did we watch that film together? lol

  5. brokeback? i guess not..hahaha