Saturday, January 30, 2010

Animolympics 2010 Headlines: Cheering and its issues

It's been two years after I became an alumnus of USLS, my Alma Mater. Since I got out of college life and entered the professional world, I never had another chance to visit my school after graduation. But I was able to go back two weeks ago to witness one of the most exciting events we had, a tradition not only for our school I think but all of the schools here in our country. Some may commonly regard it as Intrams (short for intramurals) but our school calls it "Sportsfest". This year, my brother had a chance to be one of the coordinating students to host the event and named it as their own "ANIMOLYMPICS".

What's funny (and irritating to listen to) this time is the never ending "bangayan" between my college NURSING versus ARTS and SCIENCES which started last year when the latter was not able to grab the grand slam title for the Cheering competition because the former grabbed the title. This year Nursing won the competition again and of course as expected, all the "reklamo" and "suya" are still going on..fierce than ever. From the props, to the allegations that Nursing had a trainer for the squad..the possibilities for such allegations are endless. Everytime a Nursing cheer routine video is posted in are the CAS students mocking and commenting crap on it..hehehe i really find it funny.

Anyways I don't mind about that anymore (I'm also a RED PHOENIX SQUAD alumnus..cheering squad for my college)'s just petty quarrels I's just a trophy hahaha..Another thing is that since this year there were no trainers allowed for each squad..and I just wondered why The Artians did not do the cheering routine and just their other CAS colleagues? Is it because of the conflict that they have with PESAR (governing body/ department for sports in my school) or because they will not be having their trainer choreograph them for this year? hmmmm intriguing issue (I've heard that one Artians dancer quoted "Indi kami gusto mahuy-an")..hahaha big question mark. I will also quote this from a friend "kung perde permi man may reklamu, kung daog daw mga tikalon" (she is not from Nursing nor CAS)

Congrats to my squad, you made it twice in a all of us are advising you--keep your feet on the ground..and they will make sure to grab the title next year so that you won't get the grand slam too..hahaha just play the game fair =)

To CAS, congrats for grabbing the overall 1st runner up. Strive for more, since we Nursing students had already tasted how to be CHAMPIONS overall during the 2006 Sportsfest =) Peace Out!

To my bro, job well done..I've seen you panic that time but you did it..hehehe and congrats to the College of Engineering for winning the Cheerdance competition fot the Nth time. Go ENG'G!

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