Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barney & Friends alumna gets Golden Ticket: American Idol

Watching American Idol especially during audition weeks is kinda fun. You always get to the see the best, and the worst among thousand of American auditioners. You see the crazy antics from contestants, and of course Simon's brutal and bitter comments.

So what's interesting in last nights episode? Dallas auditioner Erica Rhodes seems to be a familiar face. Have I seen her somewhere? that kept me from thinking until Ryan Seacrest introduced her as the former jolly kid from Barney and Friends. Hahaha, and I knew she was very fmailiar. My little bro at home has a collection of Barney DVds which he watches every now and then, morning til night (actually irritates me, I can almost memorize all their songs already).

And is she a good girl gone bad? The innocent girl from that dinosaur show turned up in a dominatrix attire with a whip while singing her rendition of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind." The judge's called her performance "gutsy" for she changed her image and it was a smart choice of both style and song choice. And she got her golden ticket all the way to Hollywood. I'm gonna root for this girl =)

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