Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Masked Warriors: JabbaWockeeZ

Yesterday after work, my friend texted me to watch ASAP XV on tv because the JabbaWockeeZ were to perform in the said show. Of course as a dancer, I am totally excited to see them, and as always they never fail to awe me with their performance.

Well for anyone who doesn't know who they are (I think no one though hahaha), JabbaWockeeZ was well known for being the first dance crew to claim the inaugural title of America's Best Dance Crew in MTV. Now what's the fuss? Just like any other famous crews in the world, this crew has it's Filipino members (proud to be Pinoy!). The group is well known for intricate synchornization, isolation and well known for their motiff (masks and gloves). It's a good tactics since you will not know who is who while they are dancing on stage. 5 of them are Filipino by blood, including Joe Larot and Phil Tayag, the group's founders.

They are to perform in Cebu next week I guess and damn I don't have a chance to watch them live..well I got work. And I've heard ABS-CBN is looking for the next Supahdancer (too bad auditioners are only allowed until the age of 20) and rumors say that he/she will dance along with the JabbaWockeeZ, much to my frustrations hahaha..

And I want this shirt!!!!!

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