Sunday, January 24, 2010

A series of reunions.. (after 10 years..huwat??)

December is the month of the year where reunions and homecomings are very common. It has also been a tradition for me and my classmates in college to do a simple gathering and have a Christmas party of our own. Of course it has only been 2 years since we graduated from college, so most of us still has our contacts with each other. We had our small party @ Mavi's place last December 30, played Pinoy Henyo til midnight (haha nerdy game i guess) but it was fun.

Prior to that, SJHS, my high school, had it's alumni homecoming last Dec 26 in which I attended with my former HS classmates. The day after that we had our runion party @ Korean Grill Bar. My 3rd year adviser, Lota, and Broden (school director, cool!) were there too..

It was a first time for my grade school classmates to decide that we should have a reunion too. Even with only a few of us were there, it's a good thing that we have decided to meet up. There were really big changes, and all of us are professionals no. I can still remember us before, kids which used to play tag or hide and seek during recess period, and laughing at our angry teachers everytime we do our "kabalastugan" inside the classroom..well it's reasonable, we're kids then. Aizel and Patricia went home from Manila so it was a good timing for us to do a simple reunion.

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