Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Are you ready for Season 6?"

A quote taken from Cat Deeley, host of the "American Idol counterpart show", from a commercial that I've seen lately in AXN Asia. This is So You think You Can Dance on its 6th season which will start tonight, Jan 25, at 9PM on the said cable channel. Its a reality dance show which showcases the best of America's dancers and revealing at the finale America's favorite dancer. He or she must be the most versatile dancer ranging his fields not only to his specialty but to the least genre that he could ever imagine. Some to mention are Hiphop/Krump, Contemporary, Pop Jazz, Ballroom (Samba, Rumba, Tango and the like), so on...

Although I already knew who was the winner for this season (yes, we are always late in broadcast..except for American Idol..well that's good to hear), it's still a different feel if you see each of their performances choreographed by msot renowned choreographers in the world, to mention some, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson..etc. Well it's gonna be one hell of a good season just like the previous ones..and just to give you a clue..the winner is a Krumper (hiphop style)

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